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Welcome to Churchill Cigar Club

Churchill Cigar Club is the ultimate community for cigar connoisseurs. A carefully developed haven where similar minds can meet and friendships will form, as we bring people together with a shared passion for chasing the finest quality stick and cherishing the precious moments of contented bliss, as they unfurl through the smoke.

With exclusive online catalogues, events and information – along with numerous member benefits from a vast range of luxury partners – the club endeavours to enhance all of the vital attributes of a true aficionado. Including fine taste in quality, an appetite for unique experiences and the unshakeable connection back to the traditional values of gentlemen and brotherhood, which remains close to the heart of most smokers.

Churchill Cigar Club is much more than just a celebration of cigars. It is a place to relish all that life has to offer through sharing quality time in ideal surrounds and with people who think just as you do. We look forward to welcoming you into the fold and delivering special smoking time, as we endeavour to provide unique perks to elevate your favourite pastime and daily life. Bringing together members who strive to always find the very best so that they can enjoy the very best… in cigars, company and all that life has to offer.

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Bringing together a community of like-minded people, who enjoy the finer things in life. Please take a look at our membership page for more information on how to apply to be a member of the Churchill Cigar Club.

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Our Partners

All of our partners are carefully selected so that they can provide you with the most exclusive products and services in the world. From fine dining to bespoke holidays, our partners will be able to offer you a service line none other.

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As an exclusive member’s club, we attend numerous events throughout the year. From cigar events to motorsport outings, we enjoy a multitude of events with the main purpose to have fun and enjoy the finer things in life.

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