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Churchill Cigar Club - The Best of All Worlds

Churchill is not just the name of a cigar, it is a deeper association with impeccable style and high class. An indelible link to a leader whose love of smoking was an expression of his demand for a fulfilling life of luxury.


From the most exclusive handmade cigars, to the considered setting of that cherished smoke – fine taste offers the rich enjoyment of full experiences, as simple pleasures are transformed into luxurious occasions. Churchill Cigar Club prides itself upon delivering the best in life to those who expect it. Lovers of fine cigars can join together to enjoy our unrivalled range of Cuban lines and privileged access to the very top cigar lounges and events in the world. Beyond the barrels, we also strive to deliver prestigious high-end products and life-enhancing services to a membership we know appreciates such splendour.

Churchill Cigar Club is an exclusive private members club that was formed to celebrate the very finest handmade Cuban cigars on offer. Created by a team of true Cigar Connoisseurs for like-minded aficionados, we are passionate about creating a traditional community for avid smokers. We wanted to create a club to link members together who are already united by shared high standards and love of top quality.

We operate an exclusive membership tailored towards cigar enthusiasts who smoke with full respect for the experience that a handmade Cuban provides. Whether you favour a cigar offering individual bliss that can transport you away from the whirlpool of life, or a memorable moment of shared joy amidst great conversation and inspiring surrounds – the CCC community savours their cigars as full experiences of the very best moments life can offer.

Churchill Cigar Club also strives to cater for the complimentary lifestyle of such membership, as we help to keep you in style beyond your sticks. We are dedicated to uncovering and sharing the very best products and most exclusive high-end services around. From bespoke tailoring to private travel and world-acclaimed leisure, we only work alongside the very best partners to ensure they meet our standards and enhance your lifestyle.

We take pride in delivering unique quality to an exclusive membership who can value it. By facilitating luxurious experiences, we are offering our members the freedom to concentrate on fully enjoying each included moment. By sharing these exquisite experiences, we aim to provide our cigar fraternity with the ultimate satisfaction we are all aspiring to reach. Churchill Cigar club is a community of cigar aficionados with a traditional sense of togetherness, which is why we wish to extend this network of friendship to enrich both smoking and lifestyle.

We invite you to join with us in our celebration of shared values and become part of a community that looks to create memories through turning ordinary into luxury. From top of the range handmade cigars to where we choose to smoke them – only the very best will do!

The club is thrilled to be at a key point of expansion. We are also delighted to have established a stunning base at The Stafford Hotel in the heart of the city and a countryside residence at Flitwick Manor.

Serving Our Community

Churchill Cigar Club offers exclusive access to an exemplary range of carefully selected cigar lines, by providing members with a direct link to our online service. This unique cigar catalogue is available 24 hours a day and every day of the year, to ensure we can deliver luxury to any occasion. We can also facilitate your welcome to the finest cigar lounges and Big Smoke events hosted all over the world. Our services continue to expand with a growing repertoire of offers in exclusive luxury goods and services in association with carefully selected high-end partners. With various memberships available, please view our Membership Pages for more information on the benefits and terms of Churchill Cigar Club.

Vision For The Future

Just as the cigar market continues to expand, Churchill Cigar Club is committed to continually moving forward. We will always look to uncover the very best things in life and share them with our membership. With continually evolving partnerships and our promise to put profit back into the club, the foundations of brotherhood remains at the foreground of future plans. We will endeavour to facilitate the coming together of our cigar connoisseurs and offer a platform for sharing our love of smoking and life’s rich experiences. We also look forward to developing a variety of future events to help strengthen our community and meet our values of traditional togetherness.