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The Boy Behind The Club

Ken King’s love for Cuban Cigar’s began at a very young age. Having been fascinated by watching his father savour every second of his sticks, Ken soon inherited the hobby for himself. Now 62, he has never smoked a cigarette in his life, but his passion for cigars has spanned almost half a decade…

“It all began the day I tried to plunder Cuban Cigars from my father’s humidor,” he recalls. “I was caught in the act and expected to be in trouble! Rather than giving me a roasting, my father had other priorities. He sat with me over the next few days and instead taught me valuable lessons about the fine details of smoking a cigar. He wanted to make sure I smoked the Contraband! I immediately understood that cigars offered complete life experiences. Quality time to appreciate and remember, whether alone or in good company. I was hooked by the time I got to the end of my first Cuban!”

With a zest for life and his will to make the most of every moment, smoking Cuban Cigars has become a way of life that strikes a definite chord with Ken’s core values. The pursuit of the finest quality amid the developing market has helped to maintain that initial youthful enthusiasm for cigars. It also continues to motivated Ken’s vision for Churchill Cigar Club.

“My love of fine Cubans has grown over the years and my standards remain as high my father instilled in me during early smoking days. I still get excited by the first puff of a fresh cigar and have much interest in the fabulous fine handmade cigars that the new world is bringing to the market. Taste is a very personal thing. It is difficult to truly define and rarely unanimous. However, a true connoisseur will always recognise and admire the consistency and quality of taste found in these new sticks.

I see Churchill Cigar Club as a community of brothers who truly appreciate the finest handmade cigars on offer. It is inspiring to gather like-minded members, so that we can mutually enjoy our quest for high standards and fulfilling experiences. From the actual Cubans to the luxury setting of our smoke. As we work with exciting partners in other areas of lifestyle, everything remains driven towards finding exquisite quality and sharing it in the best company. For me, this club is the epitome of buying authenticity and enjoying rare finery. These are the strong pillars upon which Churchill Cigar Club has been built.