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The Churchill Connection

"I am a man of simple tastes easily satisfied with the best!" Winston Churchill

The values Winston Churchill represents are as firmly linked to the ethos of our club as his legendary passion for cigars. Churchill Cigar Club is proud to be associated with an icon of not just cigar smoking, but the ultimate example of a man driven towards success and fulfilment through only accepting the very best things in life.

Winston Churchill was an iconic leader of men and so entwined with his beloved cigars, you wonder whether he chewed on one as he slept! After all, this is the man who would break out a Cuban for breakfast and famously requested an in-flight oxygen mask to accommodate space for his trademark sticks! When he proudly raised his hand in a defiant ‘ V for Victory’ sign after the war, a cigar was often nestling between his fingers. Cigars and champagne became symbols of his stylish high breeding and standards of luxury. As he later explained; “In victory I deserve it, in defeat I need it.”

Voted the top cigar smoker of the Twentieth Century by Cigar Aficionado Magazine, the legendary Churchill Cigar was dedicated to Churchill by Pepin Fernandez Rodriguez; creator of the Romeo Y Julieta brand. It celebrated not just the inspirational world leader that Winston Churchill had become, but his unrivalled passion for smoking the very best Cubans and all that they stood for. Far from being just a token of his powerful image, cigars were an extension of the man himself and his impeccable standards as Prime Minister of Britain.

Whilst working as a journalist in Cuba in 1895, Winston Churchill lived on just oranges and cigars to help him afford accommodation in one of the best hotels in town. Aware that it was the scene of vital action, he prioritised the very finest in luxury, knowing it would align him with the best people. The Cuban cigar was an experience he savoured, but also an expression of the high standards he was committed to aligning himself with.


His unwavering drive for the very best and his will to achieve it had already transformed a young Winston Churchill. Although born into riches and opportunity, his independent mind and rebellious nature had hampered his academic performance and a stutter could have debilitated a lesser man. Instead he carved out a military career, put his hand up for the most dangerous missions and wrote accounts of his experiences for the very highest newspaper deals he insisted he was worth.

His dedication to demanding the very best of himself enabled him to create over 600 works of art, publish multiple books and win a Nobel Prize. All whilst paving his journey towards becoming the most celebrated Prime Minister the country has ever witnessed. His staggering achievements were reached whilst smoking 8-10 Cuban cigars per day! Each fine handmade stick carefully selected from a collection of up to 4,000 imported Cuban Cigars, housed in a room next to his study.

Staying firmly loyal to brand, Churchill only abstained from cigars long enough to win a wager with his mother. His passion for chewing sticks was resolute and became symbolic of his inspirational leadership. The finest Cuban quality was a message of political prowess to the world. A badge of pride he wore to represent his country powerfully, whilst fighting for the highest standards for his people.

Winston Churchill was a man who worked tirelessly towards his principles of demanding the very best from life. A cigar connoisseur who truly understood how to squeeze every inch of his being into any given moment.