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Churchill Cigar Club is a prestigious private members club for cigar aficionados with a mutual enthusiasm for life.


Churchill Cigar Club is a prestigious private members club for cigar aficionados with a mutual enthusiasm for life. We understand those with a love of the finest cigars have a special appreciation for turning simple moments into deeper pockets of luxury. The appetite for high standards creates a fulfilling lifestyle that cigar connoisseurs demand and can truly value. Over the past five years we have nourished a community of like-minded members, delivering the very best of what life can offer to those who always seek the top quality.

We strive to be the very best cigar club around for genuine Cuban and New World enthusiasts – creating the ultimate smoking experience through the delivery of high-end products and impeccable services. This includes exclusive access to our exquisite online catalogue of fine-crafted cigars and accessories, esteemed links with both UK and international cigar lounges, an up to date calendar of social events to attend and privileged access to distinguished venues and occasions.

As our community celebrates a shared enthusiasm for the finest things in life, our membership extends a welcoming arm with a gloriously filled Members Box – featuring high end luxury products and five complimentary memberships to world famous cultural institutions such as The Tate Group, The National Gallery and The Royal Opera House.

We have an unmovable desire to uncover the most exquisite products and services on offer to facilitate the lifestyle of our membership. By sharing this amongst our community, we aim to enhance the enjoyment of fellow cigar aficionados and deepen the joy of cigar smoking for those passionate about life’s ultimate luxury. Working with a long list of exclusive partners that are critically lauded and internationally renowned, the Churchill Cigar Club membership boasts a wealth of discounts and special elite services that we hope will be of continued benefit to every element of your day to day life. Uncovering the ultimate smoking settings and social opportunities, we endeavour to happily fulfil your appetite for an array of memorable experiences.

Membership Requirements

Our membership is strictly for those aged 25 years and over and subject to the full payment of a fixed joining fee and annual subscription. Membership is also conditional upon the observation of our club Rules and Regulations. All members must be residents of the United Kingdom, as must the nominated principle of a corporate membership. Please view separate information on Overseas Membership in our full Rules & Regulations.

How To Apply For Membership

We value a personal approach to our application process for the utmost professionalism. To request a membership application form and more information about our fixed joining fee and subscription charge, please visit our Membership Enquiry Page or email any direct questions to

Applicants are elected to become club members by the Membership Committee.

Exclusive Membership Selection

Churchill Cigar Club is heavily invested in the development of our community. We will always strive to evolve through our expanding services and by steadily increasing our network of members for the enjoyment of all involved.

However, quality of service and personal experience will always remain at the forefront of our agenda. This is why we operate with a considered membership application process and will continue to welcome limited numbers of new members as we steadily move forwards. We are dedicated to preserving in the exclusivity of our club in order to maintain the ultimate satisfaction of our membership.

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Benefits of Membership

Every member of Churchill Cigar Club will receive the following:

A Membership Box including a selection of high-end welcoming gifts, alongside a pair of our prestigious Churchill Cigar Club cufflinks – to be worn at all of the club’s social gatherings and events.

Direct access to our private 24hr online exquisite club shop.

Links to the most prestigious Cigar Lounges and worldwide Big Smoke events.

Exclusive packages and benefits from our carefully selected partners, covering a vast range of luxury lifestyle products and high-end services.

Special Categories of Membership

In addition to our Full UK and honorary membership, we also offer the following specialised packages:

Overseas Membership

Available for any person over 25 yrs of age with principle private residence outside of the United Kingdom.

Corporate Membership

Applicable to a company when six or more executives and/or employees are elected members of the club. A person can gain corporate membership through recommendation from their employing company. All corporate memberships will immediately expire upon leaving employment with the related company.

Temporary Membership

Visitors to England may obtain a temporary membership if a written request is accepted from an affiliated member of the club. This temporary membership will only be valid for up to one calendar month, on three separate occasions in a calendar year. A one off fee may be required in this instance, rather than a full year’s subscription. All decisions on temporary membership are made at the discretion of the Membership Committee.

The Future Of Our Membership

In addition to uncovering new preferred partners and nourishing our existing working relationships, Churchill Cigar Club looks forward to the growth of our club community. Our website will soon include a place for members to share their experiences and we are working upon a range of exciting future events to allow members more opportunity to come together in specially selected settings.

Membership Stipulation & Guarantee

Churchill Cigar Club is dedicated to the future of this club and the firm protection of membership standards and satisfaction. To ensure the club continues to move forward in an effective and methodical manner, the Board has designated a fixed amount of monies will be reinvested each year, as declared in our official Rules and Regulations. The board also guarantees membership will continue to be moderated with a limited number of new members, thus protecting the quality of our service and the interests of the existing community.

Churchill Cigar Club is regulated by a detailed set of Rules and Regulations, which cannot be altered by an elected Membership Committee or any independent vote.

Membership Cancellation

A membership can be cancelled at any time during a subscription year, but with no right to a refund.

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