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Governing Rules of Churchill Cigar Club

Churchill Cigar Club operates with a non-negotiable list of rules and regulations. Far from a restrictive list of demands, our central code is issued to members as a minimal checklist of expectations and information for your own clarity. It is a declaration that any behaviour unbefitting of our club will not be tolerated, in order to protect the enjoyment of our community.

We are dedicated to maintaining the ultimate satisfaction of our members and the exclusive reputation of our club.

Churchill Cigar Club also insists that full respect is shown towards the esteemed Partners we work alongside and hold in fine regard. This includes full compliance with their own code of conduct.

We only work with the best and take pride in introducing them to equally refined members.

Every member of Churchill Cigar Club will be sent a full list of Rules And Regulations as part of their application to join. You can also access a copy of this document here or read a summary of the content below.

Please note the following is only intended as a brief summary for your ease of information. It is not to be regarded in place of our full set of rules and bylaws, which every member must adhere to.

Rules At A Glance

All affairs of Churchill Cigar Club are to be managed by the Chairman of the Board and employees. Membership decisions are to be made by the nominated Membership Committee.


A person over the age of 25 can join Churchill Cigar Club through Membership Enquiry Page or invitation from the Committee. Specific categories of membership are also available, including Overseas, Honorary and Corporate membership. An elected member can apply for a Temporary Membership for a visitor from abroad, but this request must be approved by the Membership Committee with an arranged fee. Temporary Membership will only be valid for a period of up to one month, no more than three times per year.

All Membership decisions are made at the discretion of the Board and Membership Committee, who also hold the right to suspend or expel any member with immediate effect if any rules are broken or when standards of behaviour are not respected.

Please view our Membership Page for more information on membership options and benefits.

General Dress Code and Conduct

Members and guests should be appropriately dressed at all times and our specially crafted Churchill Cigar Club cufflinks are to be worn at all arranged club events and social gatherings.

Churchill Cigar Club is a community of gentlemen built upon traditional values and top standards. We therefore insist our members show regard for the high quality premises and atmospheres provided by all Partners and at both of our club addresses. This includes observing the rules of our partnering establishments along with The Stafford Hotel and Flitwick Manor, treating all associated staff with courtesy and respecting other guests are trying to relax and enjoy themselves.

The Stafford Hotel & Flitwick Manor – Access and Behaviour

Membership of Churchill Cigar Club entitles you to the use of our club’s stunning bases at The Stafford Hotel and Flitwick Manor. This is strictly in accordance to our full set of Rules And Regulations, as we look to ensure members fully enjoy these facilities without causing any disruption to others.

The invitation to use each of our club addresses is extended to up to three guests per member, unless otherwise organised with the relevant hotel management. Members should contact their chosen address directly for all booking arrangements including dining, overnight stay and private parties. All opening hours and dining times are determined by The Stafford Hotel and Flitwick Manor.

To encourage a relaxed and enjoyable social environment, we do not tolerate any behaviour that could be of detriment to our chosen club addresses or bring our esteemed club into disrepute. Any member behaving disrespectfully towards the property or staff at either club address will be asked to leave.

Members are expected to behave in an appropriate manner and to also take full responsibility for their guests and property. There should be no disruption to others – through conduct, general noise or the disturbing use of audio equipment or mobile phones. All betting, wagering, non-prescription drugs or illegal substances and smoking in areas not designated by either The Stafford Hotel and Flitwick Manor are strictly prohibited.

Our code of conduct states that a member should be free from any financial liability and must not use either property for any trade or business opportunity. This includes reproducing the addresses for any form of personal identification, residence, advertising or business purpose. Staff at The Stafford Hotel and Flitwick Manor are not to be approached for any personal employment.


Members are required to pay a joining fee and a full year of subscription within 30 days of confirmation of election. A member may resign at any time, but as in the case of suspension or expulsion – will not be eligible to any refund. If a member fails to pay any amount due to the club within the designated period of payment, the Board or Membership Committee may terminate or suspend their membership.

As outlined in the club’s constitution, a designated amount of monies will be reinvested into the club each year to ensure continual development for members.


Any complaints should be made in writing to the Chairman of the Membership Committee.