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The Members Box

We value every member of Churchill Cigar Club and like to provide new friends with a splash of luxury to welcome you to our community. We have put together an exclusive Members Box to celebrate the enrolment of a new member, which will be delivered to your doorstep when you join us.


With a variety of carefully chosen gifts and lifestyle perks, our Members Box will ensure your time with us begins as we insist it continues – with style at your fingertips and high quality products to savour. Not to mention privileged access to memorable experiences that will enable you to enjoy the very best of Britain!

The Members Box features:

Solid Silver Churchill Cigar Club Cufflinks

Our specially crafted solid silver cufflinks are a priceless link to the club’s core principle of taking pride in high standards.

Unique in design and finished with finesse, each cufflink is individually moulded into a British bulldog that looks on with a determined glint in his eye, as he sucks on a golden stick. With echoes of Winston’s inspiration and resolute lust for life etched upon their face, these Bulldog cufflinks symbolise our passion for uncovering and relishing the very best quality that Britain has to offer.

We pass this gift to all of our members as a badge of honour and community emblem, enabling you to celebrate your association with fellow connoisseurs of fine cigars and all aspects of a luxury life. The Churchill Cigar Club Cufflinks are intended for wear at our club addresses, in addition to any arranged social gatherings and events.

Luxury Leather Cigar Case

A White Spot Collection Luxury Leather Cigar Case Crafted By Dunhill Of London

Dunhill stands alone as the ultimate supplier of British luxury goods, with over a hundred years of fine tradition in the design and crafting of elegant leather accessories. Internationally respected and issued with a royal-warrant, every product epitomises the modern refined gentleman. Dunhill grew from the avid tobacconist and visionary leader Alfred Dunhill. He set the standards in the cigar industry, catering for leaders and celebrity figures, such as Winston Churchill. Innovative and always elegant, every cigar product exudes authenticity, as it has risen from the sophisticated tastes of aficionados in the original Mayfair and St. James’s smoking clubs.

This stylish and supremely crafted best of leather 2 finger case will take a Romeo & Julieta short Churchill in addition to a wide Churchill cigar. As part of the much sought after White Spot Collection, your case also features the ultimate and world-renowned stamp of quality and crafted excellence. An embedded motif of a British bulldog echoes our stunning Churchill Cigar Club cufflinks and the values of British pride that stir amongst us.

The Unique Lighter

As Launched By Dunhill of London In 1927

Dunhill has designed some of the most iconic luxury lighters to be held in the hands of cigar connoisseurs. From innovating new methods such as the first ever butane gas lighter, to embellishing the swagger of James Bond in both print and films – these exquisite lighters shine as brightly as their soft flames. Made with only the finest of materials and top quality hand-craftsmanship, the soft and adjustable flicks of fire spring from elegantly engraved bodies adorned by the famous Dunhill logo.

The Unique Lighter was launched in 1927 and revolutionised smoking as the first lighter to be operated using just one hand. Matching the original silver-plated design with rare vertical pin striped etchings, Churchill Cigar Club is delighted to give every member not only an exquisite cigar light, but also your very own piece of smoking paraphernalia history.

Full Membership at The Soho Whisky Club

Situated above The Vintage House Whisky Store in Compton Road, The Soho Whisky Club is an exclusive private members club that regularly frequents London’s Top Ten Whiskey wish list. With almost 700 Whisky’s to sample and other premium spirits available, Soho Whisky Club maintains the perfect relationships between a good drink and a fine cigar for all aficionados. Hosting regular cigar evenings and private tastings, you can relax on the outdoor terrace whilst savouring the taste of fine quality.

Churchill Cigar Club will pay for a full membership at Soho Whisky Club for the duration of your time with us, as we endeavour to deliver the ultimate gift of a relaxing social place for you to enjoy your fine taste for special sticks, exquisite drink and exclusive service.

Cultural Memberships

Churchill Cigar Club's Five Jewells of the Crown

Churchill Cigar Club is dedicated to celebrating the very best that Britain has to offer and strives to share the finest experiences of life amongst our community. We therefore wish to welcome members to our fold by opening doors as well as delivering presents! After all, there can be no greater gift than a memorable experience…

Our members box includes an array of five much sought-after Cultural Memberships, which cover some of the most respected Arts Institutions in the country. You will gain privileged access to galleries and stages that attract visitors from all over the globe. Centres that are leading the way into the future, having always showcased the most iconic works of the past. Join is in celebrating our national gems that offer glittering resumes of jaw-dropping cultural relevance.

By becoming an official member of Churchill Cigar Club, you will also join our five jewels of the British Crown and we will pay for you to enjoy these additional memberships for the duration of your time with us.

Your complimentary cultural memberships include:

The National Gallery
The Tate Group
The Courtauld Gallery of Somerset House
The Royal Opera House
Shakespeare’s Globe

Each company stands in a world-famous landmark and offers world-leading pedigree. Your complimentary memberships will ensure support is given to the continual preservation and development of these essential stars of our shores. This includes protecting their legacy, funding research and new facilities and also paving the way to educate all those with an interest in the Arts.

We extend these cultural memberships to help you to feel engaged and inspired by the very best of Britain. We hope that you will enjoy every experience they will offer and promise to maintain these five complimentary memberships for the duration of your time with Churchill Cigar Club.

To read more about the specific perks of each membership, alongside a brief introduction to the legendary cultural establishments, please visit our Club Memberships page.