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Why Join Us?

Churchill Cigar Club offers you the chance to experience the very best of life alongside fellow cigar connoisseurs who share your taste, passion and appreciation for top quality. This is an opportunity to join a community with a zest for the full experience of smoking fine handmade cigars and a true love for the unfurling moments of luxury amidst the smoke.


We respect our members for their common drive for high standards and celebrate this shared appetite for living well by offering access to the best of all worlds. Not only do we deliver exceptional Cuban and New World sticks through our private online service, we also provide the best settings for your smoking through our links with the elite cigar lounges and international Big Smoke aficionado events.

Churchill Cigar Club is based at the exquisite Stafford Hotel, which is located right in the heart of London. We also provide our membership with a beautiful countryside base within the stunning grounds of Flitwick Manor. Every member of our club can enjoy access to these breathtaking hotel and heritage addresses, both of which additionally provide overnight stay and incredible fine dining.

As our impressive list of esteemed Partners continues to grow, Churchill Cigar Club offers endless benefits and personalised introductions to a lavish range of carefully selected businesses that are the very best providers of luxury travel, iconic British cars, premium spirits and champagne, bespoke tailoring and Michelin-starred dining. Each partner is recognised for their immaculate reputation for quality. They are renowned around the world and have conveyed their enthusiasm for personally welcoming our community of members.

We are passionate about every leaf in your handmade cigar and continue to search for partners who will show equal consideration to every fine detail in their product or service. We will always prioritise our mutual passion for cigars, but will continue to uncover further beneficial links to stunning smoking settings, plus style and lifestyle requirements. We cover high fashion, but insist upon timeless class. This way, we can ensure the delivery luxury to our membership to save you spending valuable time looking for it.

To read more about the history of Churchill Cigar Club please visit our About Us section. You can also read our central Rules and Regulations, which were drawn for clarification of important club information and to ensure our high standards of reputation and behaviour are maintained.