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Our Partners & Club Favourites

Churchill Cigar Club strives to provide direct access to the finer things in life, so that we can share and celebrate the most exclusive experiences available. From enhancing every second of smoke during a unique hand-made cigar, to delivering world-renowned high-end products and services – we seek nothing but the very best for members we know expect and value such standards.

Churchill Cigar Club is proud to provide members with a growing list of internationally admired partners who are leading their markets with unique craftsmanship and impeccable client service.

These carefully chosen luxury companies are much more than just a list of names on our website, they are associates we are actively working alongside to deliver Churchill Cigar Club members the very best benefits and special attention. Our partners have all declared their enthusiasm for our community and are looking forward to welcoming members with privileges such as personal impeccable service, VIP treatment or – in many cases – concessions and unique offers.

Along with the Club Partners we have included some of our favourite places that deserve a visit.

Please take a look at our list of Partners below.