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Bespoke Eyewear

Luxury eyewear has been elevated far beyond simple frames to the epitome of fashion. Having once been viewed as an essential tool to help you see in front of you, glasses now stand at the front of couture and are something to be seen wearing. With many now choosing to cultivate a spectacled look, even without a need for it, glasses now sit proudly alongside shades as an essential style accessory. From classic spectacles to designer sunglasses, the very best eyewear frames the face with class and will enhance your features rather than hide them. Churchill Cigar Club has developed a prestigious partnership with the cream of bespoke luxury eyewear, offering you direct access to the very best service in London. Run by a trailblazer in fashion and design with a long-held passion for glasses, this unique service fuses the art of eyewear design with highly skilled frame technician and an unrivalled ability for matching a client’s face and taste with new frames. Our highly experienced and esteemed eyewear partner continues to forge spectacle style and looks forward to fitting you with classy eyewear that will lift your face and turn the heads of others.