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Cigar Lounges & Stores

Churchill Cigar Club is proud to unite like-minded connoisseurs who know how to appreciate the ultimate experiences in life. For a cigar aficionado, there is only one thing that can equal the importance of the finely crafted cigar he nestles in his fingers and that is the location and ambience he chooses to settle down for his smoke. We have handpicked an array of luxury hotels, bars, casinos and restaurants to amass the most ideally suited partners to extend to our membership. All of these establishments offer settings and service of the highest class and many offer beautiful cigar terraces in prime London locations. In addition to providing our members with direct access to such glorious smoking venues, we also have firm affiliations with exclusive private members clubs, international Big Smoke events and a growing list of worldwide cigar lounges; helping to keep you informed and acquire access to some of the most prestigious pockets of paradise for those who smoke cigars with full passion for each puff.