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Fine Dining

Fine dining is an opportunity to elevate food into a sumptuous and memorable experience. A celebration of luxury food, incredible skill and refined perfection – designed to invigorate your taste buds and leave you in awe. More than just a standard meal, hours of scientific and culinary preparation are put into creations of food artistry. Incredible standards of accuracy are demanded in order to delight your senses, culminating in a rare event to be enjoyed with your dining companions. Churchill cigar Club is thrilled to partner a hand picked array of fine dining establishments, featuring Michelin-starred chefs and five star facilities. Blending fine wine lists with unrivalled ambience, you can sample the latest creations of elite chefs awarded for coveted technical excellence. With fine dining options in the heart of the city and the bosom of quintessential British countryside – experience the finest in exotic food and enjoy a luxurious occasion with every bite.