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Gifts & Homewares

When you live a life that demands the very best standards, you are rewarded with rich experiences amidst esteemed like-minded company. A gift is an opportunity to showcase this refined taste, as you share your appreciation of the finest things with a recipient you feel deserves such splendour and spoiling. Whether you wish to choose a gift for a wife, family member, close friend or colleague – partners of Churchill Cigar Club are on hand to offer you a wealth of options to cover your specific style and demands. We only work with the very top end companies, to ensure our membership is provided with a bespoke and personably professional service that takes pride in producing meticulously high quality products. Our list of gift partners covers premium designer watches, jewellery, grooming products, fragrances and unique luxury candles with a world-famous flair for quintessentially British scents. We also work with British institutions that have grown into legendary luxury brands in bespoke fountain pens, artisan leather board games and classic leather photo frames and albums.