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The world values you as you present yourself and so pristine tailoring is a key component in living the high life. Whether you are looking to cement your reputation in the business world or create a statement of class in your social circle, the cut of your suit is a key component in showcasing your high standards. Savile Row is the home of bespoke luxury tailoring, with over a century of experience in producing the finest handcrafted suits for world leaders, movie stars and Britain’s elite gentlemen. Churchill Cigar Club is delighted to work with an array of these world-renowned institutions, offering our members a firm link to the best in the business. Our partners offer the most exquisite tailoring in Britain, combining incredible skill with a traditional personal service to ensure every stitch and crease fits your unique frame and taste. From classic cuts to contemporary haute couture – our tailoring partners will ensure you remain a cut above any dress code so that you always look the part.